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Thanks for visiting Natural Hair Central! Here you'll find my Natural Hair Journey, my Reasons for Saying No to the BC (Big Chop) and an outline of my current Hair Regimen.

My Story:

I've been relaxer-free for just over 10 years, but with excessive flat ironing I damaged my hair and lost my curly hair texture along the way. In September of 2009 I almost completely refrained from using heat and in January of 2011 I started my Healthy Hair Journey.
To me, seriously caring for my natural hair is showing God that I appreciate the body he gave me. 
In June 2012 I got about 2-3 inches of heat damaged hair cut the Deva Way. See that series here

Below you'll find links to some videos and entries that I hope you find helpful. Comments and questions are welcome! :)

KG's Hair Journey

Why I will NOT BC!

KG's Hair Care Regimen

1. Pre-Poo with EVCO and EVOO.

2. Wash or Co-wash once a week (in 4 sections, scalp only).

- Products Used to Wash: Giovanni's Deep Moisture Shampoo (Marshall's, TJMaxx, Target or Whole Foods) and/or Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat (Clarifying)
- Products Used toCo-Wash: V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner and/or Giovanni's Deeper Moisture Conditioner

RINSE with luke warm H2O if washing and apply Conditioner (in 4 sections).

3. Detangle from tip to root (in 4 sections) using a wide-toothed comb, with conditioner in the hair.

RINSE slightly, with cool H2O.

4. Deep Condition once a week (in 4 sections).

Using Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque and/or Aussie's Moist Conditioner, or any thick protein based conditioner. Cover for 2-5 hours or overnight.

RINSE with VERY cool H2O.

5. Prep & Condition with Giovanni's Direct Leave-In Conditioner and EVCO.


  1. Did you ever get your relaxed hair cut off over 10 years ago. I'm planning to transition out of a relaxer so i was just wondering?

    1. No, I just transitioned without know it. Eventually the relaxer grew out.

  2. Raven RichardsonJuly 28, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    Hi Kala!!!

    It's been 8 weeks and a day since I've had my last perm...I don't want to get any more perms because of the potential damage it can do to my hair....How do I start my natural hair journey because I am clueless?! lol
    Also I am really inspired by your positivity...thanks so much & God bless, Raven

    1. Hi! Take a look at this video: for my top lessons. I will be taping a beginners series for the launch of my new website, but of course there are many other Youtubers that can offer some detailed advice. Stay tuned! :0)

  3. I've seen a few of your videos on YouTube and I absolutely fell in love with you! I too have damaged my hair throughout the years with excessive heat (and hair weaves). I am so grateful for posting videos and such helpful tips for Afro American women. I am learning to finally love the hair God has blessed me with. Keep the vids and post coming! Sending my love from Cali! :)

  4. hi kala.. i've been watching natural hair videos, reading blogs, purchased books, and just doing overall research for several months now.. yours is the first i've actually took time to post a comment/question... my question though is around heat damaged hair... i haven't had a perm for over 10+ years.. but just realized that i have heat damage... my hair texture looks a lot like yours when you showed your heat damaged... how long did it take you to grow out of your heat damage... i have a hard time deciphering what's split ends... what's breakage... what's shredding... your videos and blogs are very helpful...
    sending 'cali' love as well ^^^

  5. Thanks for posting these videos! I also have DAMAGED ends from flat ironing... but it wasn't always this way. I've always had naturally curly HEALTHY hair, until I started flat ironing 3 years ago. I now only flat iron about once every 4 months, but the damage is already done. I watch other natural hair care videos, but I appreciate yours a little bit more because just like you, I don't want to BC. I know it needs to go, but I like the length. I'm slowly cutting it off (actually dusting my ends now as I'm typing this!). Just wanted to say that I enjoy your videos, and I'm looking forward to watching more of your natural hair journey! Thanks for the tips!