Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hairstyle Files: The Lazy Bantu Knot Out

It's no secret that I'm a "lazy natural" I rarely do intricate styles with my hair. I have a life to live! But I really wanted to try a bantu knot out on blow dried hair. I haven't done a bantu knot out/bun out in so long! Night before last I tried a bantu knot out on blow dried hair using Miss Jessies Curly Pudding. I put a lot of work into it. Probably made 20-25 knots. It was coo. LOL! I mean the volume was great, but I'd hoped for more definition. Plus, at the end of the day my hair felt quite dry from using the Pudding. So the next night I went back to what I know. To replenish my hair back to life I used Shea Mositure's Curl & Style Milk. I sectioned my hair into four with a zig-zag part in the back. I worked the product through each section of my hair without combing it. Just lightly finger combed each section until the product gave me a little moisture. Then I started knotting/bunning 4 knots/buns per section using their Curl Enhancing Smoothie. So only 16 knots! Of course I caught it on tape (tutorial coming soon!)

For the take down I used EVCO and gently separated making sure to split even and completely separate sections (cuts down on frizz).

I love it! My hair is super soft and moisturized! Hoping it will last a whole week! Stay tuned! 

Peace & Blessings,


  1. I love the result !! I need to try this ! :)

  2. It's beautiful!I recently decided to give the flat iron/blow dryer a rest and would love to try this. What do you do before sleeping to help maintain it?