Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's in My Bag: Shirley B. Eniang Giveaway

Love the giveaway that Shirley B. Eniang is doing. The prizes are super cool. My favorite part of the gift set is the eyeshadow. If I win, it would be my first eyeshadow! Sad, I know.
 Welp, here it goes:

My favorite Bag or Purse is this multi-colored bag I got 3 or 4 years ago from Aldo.
It's got teal, a vibrant red or magenta, yellow and brown. Love these colors together! Some days I wish I could turn it inside out because the lining is adorable as well!
If you follow my blog or watch my videos you know that I love versatility. This purse has clipped or hooked on handles, so I can take them off and add my own! A scarf or chain or anything I can fit through the holes would do.

 Judging from these contents I'm quite boring actually...
 I've got:
 My wallet (or purse as those in the UK would call it)
It's stuffed with old receipts and discount cards from various stores.
 Nail file and clipper
As a recovering nail biter any jagged nails or dry cuticle is taken care of right away!
 My 2 favorite lip glosses
Both from Bath & Body Works. Forever Sunshine and Winter Candy Apple (I'm obessesd with this scent).
 EOS Lip Balm
If there's no need for shine, I use this cool lip balm. Love it!
 Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
In Winter Candy Apple (told you I was obsessed)!
 Hand Lotion
Dry & ashy hands are a no-no! In Hawaii Coconut also from Bath & Body Works.
 A movie ticket stub 
From The Adjustment Bureau. Great movie, go see it!
I always keep some type of candy in my purse. Never know when you'll have a candy craving!
 Altoids Smalls
Love these breath mints. Perfect size :)
 Alternating items
My ipod nano, a novel or magazine, pens and notepaper.
So, what's in your bag/purse. Enter Shirley's Giveaway!

Peace & Blessings,

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