Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arts & Crafts: Bangle or Bracelet Display/Holder

I've been meaning to create a way to display and store my bangle collection for awhile now. I purchased lace and fabric for it months ago! Finally set some time aside this past weekend and had some arts and crafts fun! I used a very sturdy cardboard cylinder from a rug I purchased from Pier 1. I cut it into two using my heavy duty chef knife. Measured, cut and glued! Then I realized that I didn't have beads to secure them and keep them apart. I looked around and found some old and broken earrings that had bead-like components (lol). I tied them to some cheap ribbon from a used gift bag and VIOLA! 

I am a little nervous about the ribbon, I might have to change it to a stronger material one day, but for now this works. I'm so happy my dresser is clear and free of all the bangles. I had fun and saved money! I feel much more organized too! Check out the link below for an informative instructional video. I was inspired by her!

Peace & Blessings,