Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Musical Lovie: Dwele


As I try to become acclimated to this new city of mine I attend social events here and there. Recently I went to an Estelle listening party at the PV Lounge in Downtown Detroit. To my SURPRISE I saw my lovie Andwele Gardner (for you non-obessive fans that's Dwele) relaxin', chillin at the bar. Everyone seemed so non-chalant. I didn't get it. Does no one know of the magical creations he produces?  Old Lovas? My Lady? Is this mic ON? I was like OMG! Dwele! He's always so nice and receptive of my giddiness (I've only met him personally once before). I kindly requested a photo with him. He mentions how short he feels beside my six feet 2 (with heels) stature. We have an in-depth conversation (not really, but I'm claiming it anyway). That's when I realize I'm blocking the way for the people behind me to squeeze through the packed venue. I proceed. Star struck. I have a HUGE crush on Dwele's music. I can honestly say that I have seen him perform at least 5 times. When moving to Detroit I didn't realize that for him, this is home. Apparently he's always hanging out at events in the city.....*sigh* that means that I actually have an opportunity to be friends with him? 
Like maybe we can hang out in the studio....GASP!


At the PV Lounge

In San Diego years ago.