Thursday, March 1, 2012

ANNM: The Maroon Challenge

Photography by Timothy pAULE

It's taken me awhile to post on this last challenge because I needed to EXHALE from the fact of being done! LAWD, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I posted that profile a few months ago. It's been a very long, enjoyable, difficult, super duper fun, exhausting, exhilarating, frustrating, wonderful journey! 

For this last challenge I awaited the clothing that I needed to complete the challenge. It never came. Um, yeah. So I was left with a wrap skirt. It has about 4 inches of fabric on the waist. It's not intended to be shown, but covered by a top. Dun, dunna duuun! Kendyll Myles my stylist to the rescue! She came up with several different looks that were fashion forward and fabulous for the shoot. We kept in mind who and what we were trying to represent in this challenge. The Maroon women of Suriname. I read their story, their struggle and could equate it to the story of my own ancestors. So this time I tapped into that. With Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" on repeat I practiced my poses and looks. 

I wanted to translate strength and determination with every fiber of my being. I must admit however, I was a bit insecure about the wrap. It was too thick to do much with and I had REALLY hoped to wear it as it was intended (with a top). I was also concerned because I especially wanted this last challenge to be fair. Without knowing what the other contestants had I planned accordingly. TO WIN!

I pulled back, snapped out of it so to speak. I had all I needed, to do, just what I needed to do! The photographer was once again AWESOME! Bringing props like the drum in and suggesting angles. I had a vision of her in a market so we made our way to Detroit's Eastern Market. It was around 25-30 degrees and lightly snowing. Everyone had winter coats and furs on. I think the adrenaline kept me somewhat numb to the cold. Or maybe the cold made me numb, either way I was a popular site. Most people tried to figure out how I was so tall (4 inch wedges plus my 5'11" stature). With my makeup done again by the FABULOUS Talya Ashford, my natural stretched hair in a creative up-do and bright colored clothing I guess I was puzzling. I stayed focused on what Tim wanted from me and was gracious to the friendly merchants who let me pretend to buy their produce.

We wrapped up after sampling some delicious fruit and anticipated the shots for submission later in the day. The other shots I submitted with this challenge, shown here, were apart of a separate challenge for Going-Natural.

Photography by Timothy pAULE

Photography by Timothy pAULE
Peace & Blessings,

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