Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raise Awareness = Change Lives #KONY2012

This was written and posted before I did more research on Invisible Children. I still think this has created a great platform to discuss aid to Africa and the US invested interest in Africa.
 Embrace awareness, reject ignorance. I'll be posting an update to this post at a later date.

One of the most frustrating things about international politics is the lack of awareness. Most Americans (including myself at times) are stuck in this bubble. A bubble of pleasure seeking and opportunistic capitalism. Rarely do the masses care about things outside of ourselves and our minuscule world. Multimedia, branding and marketing have ENORMOUS driving power. They keep us that way. For the first time I'm seeing an organized movement to use ALL areas of technology and multi-media to propel an issue and organize a movement for international justice.

Watch this video and spread the word about KONY 2012. The organizers are brilliant and I'm SO proud that they are based in my hometown (San Diego, CA)!

As soon as I heard about this movement I spread the word and researched the topic. One thing that I've always thought to be most important when it comes to issues like this is what the PEOPLE in the SPOTLIGHT think and feel about it. I took to twitter and found a couple of radio hosts in Uganda who seemed to be unhappy with the timing and the focus on the movement called KONY 2012.

Alan and another radio host Chao Tolle make great points about concentrated efforts and a lack of Ugandan leadership being showcased. I can dig that. BUT, dismissing the movement of awareness that Invisible Children has garnered, does no one any good. 

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