Friday, March 16, 2012

What I Know For Sure: The Truth

Don't bury your wrong doings and plant tulips and daisies over them. The fruit of your works will eventually die before your eyes.  -KG  

Remember when you created adventures at home as a kid? You created your own world, and objects such as lamps became trees and tables became rocks? What happened when the tree broke into pieces or the rock cracked in half? Did you fess up or cover up the evidence in shame? Well as a small child I covered it up, then I'd do something nice that I knew needed to be done (i.e. the dishes, take out the trash). My thought was that I had to do something to make what I did wrong look... not so wrong.

It's just like a plant. If you plant a seed in bad soil, the tainted soil gets worse. It may take awhile but it will eventually effect the plant that you've assumed was not at all affected. I learned the art of lying early. Children often lie to cover up the truth and I was no different. Somewhere along the way I realized something. The truth ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS comes to light. Furthermore the lies most often need to be covered up by more lies. 
Lies on lies on lies on lies.

For me it was so exhausting that I gave up. I saw it happen time after time. One person would lie, and momentarily it seemed everything was fine. Everything worked out and we all could move on. But a week later something related to the first lie is questioned. You forget the details of the first lie, you start to sweat and eventually the truth is screaming from you. You're now exposed and it's even worse because the act is followed up by all the lies that were told. 

I thank God for that insight early on. It's a huge step toward responsibility and accountability. If people were just honest with themselves about their wrong doings I think we'd all be better for it. Honesty is magical. It can heal marriages (or end ones founded on lies), mend relationships and change the world.  I shared my truth about my recent experiences because I felt responsible to alert those who thought the information to be useful. The feedback I received was overwhelming. The vast majority of responses were from people I've never met or weren't even aware of my channel beforehand. That is what I take pride in. That truth illuminates through deceit. Planting new seeds into bad soil will never produce a lasting plant and covering up rotten, dead vile will only unveil festering produce later. 


My recipe for freedom: Uncover those things you've buried and go forth planting seeds that will grow beautifully with longevity. 

Peace & Blessings,


  1. This is very well put!! Honesty is always the best policy :-)

  2. I came across your blog via BGLH and I'm really loving this post! If more people had a foundation of HONESTY then there would be a lot less problems in their lives. Myself included. A lot of the problems in my life can be traced back to dishonesty.