Monday, October 15, 2012

WHY I Vlog: The KG Lifestyle

So a couple of weeks ago I was twittering (I'm full aware that it's "tweeting", I just like the way twittering sounds better, lol) one of my favorite vloggers Judy from itsJudysLife. Judy and I have twittered back and forth a couple of times previously (which helps me validate how much time I spend on her channel), so I didn't think anything of it. This tweet was just a spur of the moment thought about vlogging and how I think it's a great way to learn things about everyday life (not the "reality" we're sold on TV).

To my surprise Judy replied! *GASP*

Something clicked for me. I've been vlogging this past summer with "plans" to edit the hours of footage I took and converted and uploaded. LOL! Never did post though. For a host of reasons I guess. Like, "Do people REALLY want to see this crap?"...and "I do not need people all up in my BIDNESS!". Judy's tweet came at a moment when I had consciously decided to use my life to inspire in another way. Not just hair tutorials and giveaways, but a consistent display of what living with purpose can yield. And not just all the peachy stuff, but the struggle in that too! I had to ask myself why I liked it Naptural85's or WhoIsSugar's. I found the common themes to be positive energy and similarity. I truly believe we are all more alike that we are unlike each other, and watching someone else's life (albeit 10-15 minutes each day) confirms that we're not in this thing alone. Another important aspect that I wanted to include was the representation of a single women living life chasing God's will. Striving to be the woman that my Momma raised. A chick with some sense (insert comparison of any popular Vh1 reality tv show girl fight here).

So there it is. If anyone was curious, this is why I vlog. I'm confident I could learn a thing or two or three from you too, so start vlogging today (just do it, don't think about it) and send me your channel so I can check you out! 

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