Thursday, December 6, 2012

A World Wide Woman! France, Spain & Morocco

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Eiffel Tower-Paris, France

I've been putting off this post in hopes that I don't wake up from the DREAM that this trip was. But it's inevitably over and the sooner I realize it the sooner I'll start getting my stacks up so that I can take another excursion. LOL!

 How it all started:
For YEARS I had dreams of traveling to Morocco. In fact since 2009, when I lived in Sudan, Morocco became a desired destination for me. Unfortunately, living on my English teacher salary did not grant me that wish (although I was blessed to see Dubai, Ethiopia and Egypt). So I had to table Morocco....for sometime. Last year (2011) I started saving for the trip and planned it accordingly. After researching, researching and researching I decided to go when the busy season was dying down; in November. Prospective flights took me through Paris...hmmmm. Why not just make a quick stop? In the end I added Paris and Barcelona to the trip. I had hopes that some friends would join in on this amazing adventure so I put it out there. To virtually anyone (anyone meaning, people I knew can't travel with just any ole body nah!). There was LOTS of interest in the trip...and as the deadlines (set by me) to purchase airfare came and went there were 5 of us left. All of which I was super duper excited to travel with! 5 AMAZINGLY inspiring women who were responsible and about their business! Some decided to join the trip itinerary later than sooner and as we all shared housing fees and such we all gained a fabulous bond that I will treasure FO-eva.

As plans and reservations and such were being made (we even created a private website to keep everything in order) anticipation grew. We all agreed that Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Marrakech were the official destinations. In the end, the labor strike in Spain (and other countries in Europe) prevented us from going to Madrid, but gave us a great opportunity to stay in Barcelona one more day. Alright enough of me blabbing about how awesome this trip was. The proof is in the puddin' boo! Or the pictures below. 


Eiffel Tower-Paris, France
On the bridge for lovasssss....-Locks of Love-Paris, France
LOVE my Sorors on the Locks of Love bridge- Paris, France

Across from the Eiffel Tower

Some building with cool stand Paris. LOL!

Whatever it takes to get the shot! LOL!

                                                                                   Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, Barcelona


We were probably lost..I'm studying the map!-Barcelona, Spain


Museu d'Historia de Barcelona

Montijuich Palace, Barcelona

Museu d'Historia de Barcelona

LOVE THIS PLACE! Mercat de La Boqueria-Barcelona, Spain

Best salmon I've ever tasted (or cooked) in LIFE! Mercat de La Boqueria-Barcelona, Spain

Mercat de La Boqueria-Barcelona, Spain

Metro Station in Barcelona, just after we noticed we were maybe being followed.....HOLA, HOLA! Es problema? No? YO SE! Yeah...we started following HIM! ROTFL!

Flamenco Show- Barcelona, Spain
In front of the doors of a castle like building...close to the Port de Barcelona, Spain

Port de Barcelona, Spain

Restaurant shot in Barcelona (Sangria and Paella followed!)

Catedral De Sevilla-Sevilla, Spain

Gangsta in Sevilla, Spain

Catedral De Sevilla-Sevilla, Spain

My view from the Catedral. Breathtaking! -Seville, Spain
Showing my photography skills, woot, woot! Seville, Spain

Walking to the Riad in Morocco!

Just outside of the main market and Djemma el Fna Square in Marrakech

Djemma el Fna Square

We had a great tour of a Berber village....and a Berber home!-Marrakech
Marrakech, Morocco

We even enjoyed fresh butter, honey and olive oil with bread and traditional mint tea! -Marrakech\

The Atlas Mountains....little did we know we'd be hiking up this!

And so it starts! LOL!

YES, we climbed THAT!

WE DID IT! Yes, YES we DID! 

Haven't had enough? Check out our trip on my daily vlogs. YUP, I documented each day of our two week trip. Stay tuned for a planning tips video on thekglifestyle! Hopefully you'll be inspired to plan your next trip, take chances, experience cultures and LIVE life, not just go through it.

One of my favorite vlogs from the trip:

Peace & Blessings,

P.S. Don't take my photos....I will find you and come after you. ;) Also, I realize that it looks like I wore the same thing everyday. Blame the chilly weather....not my fabulous jean jacket. LOL!


  1. I am so waiting for your video for tips on planning an international vacation. My cousin and I are thinking of taking our first international trip (London) within the next two years or so and I honestly have no idea where to even start, let alone plan out a budget, itinerary, transportation, etc. in a foreign country for that length of time. Especially when I only speak English.

  2. I would also love to see the tips for planning an international vacation. I want to go to Paris.

  3. What sorority are you in?

    1. I'm a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. :)