Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Cookin' KG? Orzo and Crusted Cod

Orzo and Crusted Cod

I really wanted to make a cool dish with the cod I got from Trader Joe's last week. I looked up a recipe and got an idea for Encrusted Cod. I didn't have bread crumbs but I had planko (I usually use for salmon croquettes). I slightly followed Rachel Ray's recipe and made a garlic butter to dredge the cod in. Then I added the herbs and spices to the planko. I didn't have high hopes when I placed the cod in the oven to roast. :(

In the meantime I made my orzo. I was so amazed at how quickly this rice-like pasta cooked. This was my first time cooking it. After draining it I put some olive oil in the pot with some different spices and poured the orzo back in. I loooooved the consistency and decided to put some of my pesto (Trader Joe's) in along with some fresh garlic. I had a veggie melange (broccoli, onions, bell peppers) cooking up and decided to combine the two.


I have a salad for dinner every night. I try and change it up because baby spinach salads can get redundant. I sliced a peach and gruyere-cheedar cheese in. Drizzled/drenched (lol) it with my FAVORITE: Goddess dressing from Trader Joe's as well. The cod was done but the breading just looked blah. I was disappointed in it, but the orzo was DELISH!

Do you cook orzo? What do you put in yours?

Peace & Blessings,