Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Side Stage with Black Star

I'm a huge hip-hop fan! Although my jazz phase kept me from most of the classic hip-hop growing up, I've embraced the music in my 20s. One of my favorite groups/artists are Talib Kweli and Mos Def of Black Star. Tyi3284 let me know about a show sponsored by Live Nation in Detroit. I rarely pass up on seeing one of my favs so I had an idea of what I would wear before I had tickets!

I rocked a black vest over a light brown A-tank and pink corduroys with my new shoes from Old Navy (LookBook coming soon!)

My Wash 'n Go!

I got my ticket and walked across the street to enjoy a glass of wine......and a catfish sandwich with fries. LOL!

A friend of a friend of a friend got us side stage, within a few feet of Black Star! I was ubber excited! 
I love them!

It was so awesome! The encore was an entire show. I love artists who go hard.....I had so much fun!


Until the next musical outing...

Peace & Blessings,