Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crackle? Shatter? My Nail Growth Progress

Hi, my name is Kala and I'm a recovering nail biter. Like any other addict I've had to struggle with finding ways to recognize my nail biting triggers and this year has been my best yet! My nails now are longer than they've ever been! I know scary looking at the picture below huh? The #1 thing that's worked for me is polish & a bitter nail polish . I've tried acrylics, other bitter nail polishes, tape, gloves, everything. I'm a picker and a biter. I cringe at the thought of dirt under my nails and around my cuticle so I guess I figured: no nail = no dirt. 

On Sunday I tried something new. I bought a crackle or shatter awhile back. Not sure why it took me so long to try it. It's a knock off but the color is deep teal. I put it over the light teal I got from Forever 21 in my haul vid. I was excited to see how it would work. When the cracks and shatters appeared I got so excited!

You might notice that there are some pieces missing. LOL! I wasn't aware that I needed a top coat right away. I went to a farm for apples and cider and by the end of the night I was missing some cracklies. The only top coat I own is the bitter tasting polish, so I put that on before bed and haven't had any trouble since. I like how it looks like the pieces kinda fell and settled at the bottom of my nail. Leaving the thumbs undone makes it different and I like that too. I'm going to try it with the pink I got for F21 tonight. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Peace & Blessings,