Monday, February 13, 2012

ANNM: The Valentine Challenge

This challenge was difficult for me for a completely different reason than last week. Inspiration, or lack thereof. I'm single, and this challenge called for happy bride looks, or seductive sassy looks. 

What do I know about being a happy bride? 
Who in the world do I seduce? 
No one.

 So my feelings on how to approach this were all over the place. I usually focus on things that make me happy when posing. My turtle, the ocean, sunrays, Krispy Kreme donuts (original glazed). For this I could see myself thinking about those "happy times" in past relationships. But would that really be the right thing to do? I've moved on completely and pondering on what happened and what could have been would only leave my photos feeling empty and loveless. My take on the 'L' word right now is much like one of my favorite songs. Ghosts by Elle Varner.

That type of approach would also leave me with photos lacking the type of joy a bride would have on her wedding day. So instead of thinking about what makes me happy in reality, I thought of what could be. Me getting married to my ideal partner. Someone whose kind, giving, ambitious with a great sense of humor. My eye's lit up and I really could imagine preparing myself marrying the man of my dreams. THEN, came the Valentine part of the challenge. It would be easy to imagine being with my Valentine....IF I had one. 


I put on one of my favorite Beyonce songs and tapped into my imagination. I thought about a guy I have a major crush on. That playful, seductive, sassy side of me came out easily. I really could see him within the lens and it produced photos I was really pleased with. As usual the photographer was AWESOME! His creativity with the lighting and the backgrounds really made the photos pop! Go and "Like" his fan page and check him out! 

What do you think about this shoot? 

Peace & Blessings,

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  1. You look...just Beautiful !! :) I love the first photo !