Friday, March 23, 2012

Natural Hairstyle Files: The Bantu Knot Out/Bun Out Tutorial


  1. are you blow-drying/straightening your hair before putting in the bantu knots?? ive only tried this on just washed hair and it always comes out looking like a poodly mess!!!

    your hair came out great btw! im jealous, haha!

  2. I did do this on blow dried hair. You can also try it on air dried stretched hair. I know EXACTLY what you mean by doing it on wet hair. Hated it! But I've learned that in general styling my hair while dry or 90% dry is key. That's why I stretch my hair on wash day and then style it the next day when its dry (unless I'm doing a flexi rod set).

    Try it! :)

  3. Hey KG, I had a question - Are you putting the milk on before the smoothie? BTW it looks SMASHING!

    1. Hey! Thank you! I did put the milk on beforehand to make sure my hair wasn't so dry. Then the smoothie really sealed the deal and set the knots. :)